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PerlScalar - Encapsulate Perl SCALAR references in JavaScript


The ability to take references to stuff in perl is a basic language feature used by many perl modules. As such, it's important to be able to pass to javascript references to perl scalars and to create in javascript references to scalars.


Any unblessed SCALAR reference that you pass from perl to javascrip will be wrapped as an instance of PerlScalar, Blessed ones will be normally a PerlObject.


You can construct from javascript new SCALAR references.

  • new PerlScalar(somevalue)
    var ref = new PerlScalar(mystr);

    Creates a perl scalar with a copy of somevalue and returns a new reference to it. If you pass this object to perl land it will be undistinguishable from a normal reference. somevalue can be any javascript primitive value.

Instance methods

  • valueOf
    var value = ref.valueOf();

    Retrive the value from the reference, the returned value will be a javascript primitive.

  • toString

    Returns the perl stringification for the reference. (Subject to change soon).