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JSPL::SM::Opcode - Class that encapsulates SpiderMonkey's jsopcodes.


 use JSPL::SM::Opcode qw(:opcodes @Opcodes);

 my $oppush = $Opcodes[JSOP_PUSH];
 print $oppush->name;  # 'push'


Provides access to SM's jsopcodes. Useful if you ever need to work with SpiderMonkey bytecode. See jsopcode.tbl is SM sources for details.


  • jof - The JOF_* constants in jsopcode.h.
  • opcodes - The JSOP_* enums in jsopcode.h.



This array hold the jsopcodes defined in SM. Every value is an JSPL::SM::Opcode object. You can use the JSOP_* constants for indexing @Opcodes.


  • id

    Returns the id of the jsopcode. For example "JSOP_PUSH"

  • val

    Returns the number of the jsopcode, that is its index in @Opcodes.

  • name

    Returns the name of the jsopcode. For example "push".

  • len

    Returns the length of the jsopcode in bytes including any immediate operands, or -1 for jsopcodes with variable len.

  • uses

    Returns the number of stack elements consumed by the jsopcode, -1 if variadic.

  • defs

    Returns the number of stack elements produced by the jsopcode.

  • prec

    Returns the operator precedence, zero if not an operator.

  • format

    Returns the encoding format of the jsopcode.